Glass is not a material that comes to mind when one talks about art in Turkey. However, in Sweden, where I lived and worked for many years, as well as in many other countries, glass is a highly appreciated art material. I love to work with glass, it has a soul with the visual movement, the transparency, the texture and the depth of multi-layers in three dimensions. I try to bring out the soul of the glass in my work.

When I decided to continue my work at my own studio, to name it as “Studio Volcano” was a natural choice. My life after I started to work with glass has been like a volcano eruption. Also when one takes into account that volcanic activity is the only place where one can find naturally created glass, there could be no other choice for the name of my studio.


After a long professional work life covering a variety of senior management positions both in Sweden and Turkey, I joined Sirça Fanus group and started to work on artistic techniques on enamelling and glass forming. I had the opportunity to work with both Turkish and international prominent artists on ‘kiln casting’ glass. In January 2014, I joined a workshop led by the Swedish world famous artist Bertil Vallien to gain experience on a very special technique for artistic glass, called ‘sand casting’. I started painting in order to develop further and diversify my artistic capabilities. I like painting the people and lives that made an impression on me during my travels.

You can find some examples of my work in this web site. You are also very welcome to visit my studio and showroom at Galatasaray, Istanbul, to share my dreams and see the results of my passionate work.